The Thinking Poet


A Lovely Day

Two thousand Christmases!

It's a good tradition to keep.

Not just for tinsel and holly,

And certainly not for peddled folly,

But because in villages like this the world over,

On this particular day

People are inclined to say

Something rather special in a very special way.


There are occasions when life is suddenly transformed,

Illumined by a bright and urgent light.

As when we spot a friend not seen for years,

And in the warm embrace, the pace of years slackens

And we're young again.


Or in a country lane

When lowering sun strikes a lonely beech

And light leaps like fire to flame her leaves.


Or at a party, regretting the invitation,

Feeling flat like a head that's lost its hat;

When suddenly someone smiles and says "hello".


Christmas is, or should be, just like that:

Seeing things and feeling in a very special way

So that later, when they ask, we can say;

Thank you, yes, I had a lovely day.



Ron Cretchley