The Thinking Poet



Sweetest music

Is the unsung song.

Opportunity knocks.

Then be sure to be in earshot of the door.

He who would valiant be

Had better learn his ABC;

The fight for right

Calls for wisdomís sight.

Those who lip-serve freedom

Should first be free from self.

Black skin, white skin; it makes no difference.

Removed by a kick in the shin it hurts just the same.

The over-ardent lover, unlike the wise old owl

Has no wit to woo.

Do not take desireís bait,

Make appetite wait.

For we wait upon perfection;

Sate, and we find deception.

Kiss a chimney-sweep for luck.

Better not then chance your luck.

Itís difficult to tell an elephant, blindfold.

The eye, even when it perceives, deceives.

Counting bleating sheep at night

Can make sleep fleeting.

Lichen and stalactites take time to grow.

This, impatient mortals ought to know.

A mountain climbed by any track

Has the same view at its peak.

Love is the same love

Whatever tongue may speak.


Those who believe in miracles

See them all around,

In the air they proliferate,

On the ground they congregate.

All life is a miracle.

The world with its clocks spells paradox.

A mind at peace will eternity find.

A child has grace till that grace is known.

A joy when savoured is already flown.

Seek wisdom, dive deep.

Shallow waters have never taught us.

A good book holds our interest to the end.

A good life gathers wisdom to expend.

A child inhabits heaven, but of it cannot tell.

We put on years and soon discover hell.

Water, to a parched tongue

Is the sweetest drink.

The greatest gift an outstretched hand

Should we sink.

Pleasures are ours on short leases.

Happiness ours when search ceases.