The Thinking Poet


Behold the Child

Be as little children

Behold the child

Innocent of eye,

With pigmy arms outstretched

To grasp a world unlearned;

And with what zest

He sallies forth in quest

Each day the splendour growing,

Each hour the vision glowing

With some new bequest


Behold the wonder

Of a child intent

To seize life’s tissue,

On creation bent;

And with what joy

He grasps the world, his toy,

Fecund with fascination

To feed imagination

In perennial ploy.


But now behold the grief

Of innocence rent,

The child, full grown,

On conquest bent;

And with what greed

He grasps the world to bleed,

Each day the splendour fading

His golden vision trading

For the rapine creed.


Behold the Man!

Innocent of eye

With arms of love outstretched

To heal a world undone.

And with what zeal

We rally round to kill,

Rejecting perennial plan

We raise the child-like Man

On ‘Outcast Hill’.