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The Childhood State Page 3

Three different metaphors, each with the same meaning:-

 1) Now we access our “neural map” and see only a symbolic representation of  that which, in its fullness we first felt, and shall feel and know again.

 2) Now we gaze upon shadows projected on a cave wall. One day we shall walk to the cave mouth and behold the light and reality.

 3) Now we see a poor reflection as in a mirror. One day we shall see directly.

 Love never fails, St Paul tells us. It is eternal. To the extent that we feel, project, and engage others with it, this is the measure of our eternal life.

 Conceptually, we can only know in part. Where there is knowledge – the latest cosmological “guess”, the latest particle theory, strings, parallel universes ------“it will pass away”.  For these are ego-woven symbolic systems, often riddled with paradox, inconsistencies and counter-intuitive notions. They are the result of indefatigable intellectual effort, and as such should be valued, and the effort, praised. But tongues will be stilled and knowledge will pass away. Let us not confuse values, or misrepresent reality. We have but a little time in which to get our priorities right.

Only that which is sponsored by love is eternal. The latest intellectual “guess” is but a passing fancy.

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