The Thinking Poet


Isaiah 42.8 “I am the lord; that is my name!” Naming is God’s initiative and prerogative.

The Naming of Things

God proclaims: “I know you by name”.

And Adam trod the earth from birth

Naming every plant and beast on earth.


Plucked from womb darkness, we take a name:

John, Elizabeth, Ron; a title of our own.

Words hold special magic the moment they are sown.


Remnants of time cling to words like cleavers.

We, like bumbles gleaning, gather partial meaning

In daily speech and scheming.


Philosophers probe and prattle about words,

Suggest we know far more than tongue can tell

As though beneath a Pentecostal spell.


Pentecost, if one dares believe,

Concerns a gift, a wondrous mind-shift,

A blossom-burst, a paradisian lift.


With or without the paracletean kiss

Words should be measured and treasured

As God’s special gift, a sharing of His pleasure.